Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Aftershocks

"There's something wrong with me."

"No, you're just different now."

At last Agents of SHIELD is back. It's been a long wait since that cliffhanger, and it's great to see both some things getting resolved (although further mysteries also arise) and lots of geeky Marvel stuff to satisfy fanboys like me. But, well, this episode seems a bit forced, as though it only exists to move or threads forward for the next episode at times. When not geeking out o must admit that it's not the best possible episode to return to.

Time has passed. There's a flashback to 1983, Skye's mum (Dichen Lachman!) and that eyeless Inhuman from last episode who, it seems, can teleport, is called Gordon and is a little distressed, having just gone through the Terrigen must. There are obvious parallels with Skye and Raina in the present day.

We are introduced to another load of senior HYDRA personnel, most of whom due through Coulson's machinations but one of whom is played by Henry Goodman. Coulson wants revenge; Trip's death hurts. Trip was a model agent, burn to join SHIELD and a calm, competent presence in a team that suddenly looks alarming night divided, especially with Bobbi and an awesome visually angry Mack planning something in secret. Mack appears damaged, remembering all tje things he did while mind control, and only Fitz seems to understand. 

There was an earthquake at the end of the last episode which we, the audience, know to have been caused by Skye (Quake). She can't hide her newly acquired powers for long, as the Earth shakes when she's agitated. Yet it's uncertain how the team would treat her. Especially with Simmons mouthing off about how deadly people with superpowers are. We reach the point where Fitz has to hide her true test results to keep Skye's secret, illustrating what could grow to be an important rift between the respective halves of Fitz-Simmons.

Incidentally, if Skye is Quake, who's Raina, with all those spines? I'm sure we will find out. And so will Gordon, seeing as he has her and all.

Sod it. In spite of my earlier criticisms, this season continues to be bloody good.

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