Friday, 17 April 2015

Grimm: Tribunal

"Oh no! I prematured again!"

Last episode was the set-up. This is where it all kicks off in the parallel storylines of Monroe being tried for his life by a bunch of Nazis while Wu gradually comes to terms with the fact that the world is not what he thought it was.

We begin light-heartedly, as an enthusiastic and magnificent Wu is shown how to handle a Woge via the harmless medium of Bud, who is responsible fur the classic line up there. Sadly, the poor nervous chap is swiftly kidnapped by the Wesenrein and forced to testify against Monroe, who would be in a lot of trouble if only the viewers were not all confident of his last minute rescue (although Mrs Llamastrangler wasn't!). So it proves to play out, but not without a magnificent speech from Monroe. Silas Weir Mitchell is fantastic here.

In parallel to all this, Juliette learns that not all Hexenbeists are born, which seems to be somewhat relevant other own situation. We also get clarity on the two types of Woge, only one of which is visible to those of us who are not Grimms.

The ending is dramatic and brilliant as the Nazis are taken out the hard way. Hank gets to see his captain in Wesen form, while Monroe and Rosalie, fittingly, get to personally kill the Grand Wizard. It's an awesome conclusion, followed by one o our gang's trademark wine-fuelled dinner parties and a police escort for Monroe and Tosslie as they head off to their Hawaiian honeymoon.

And then Juliette decides to talk about the fact that she now send to be a Hexenbeist- to Sean. This won't end well...

Brilliant. Just brilliant. Again.

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