Saturday, 18 April 2015

Grimm: Death Us Do Part

"What kind of police are you?"

This begins like an episode of Most Haunted mixed with The Blair Witch Project. It ends as one of the most brilliant episodes to date. The story-of-the-week is both devilishly clever- a ghost story that turns out to really be a Wesen is predicable enough, but the circumstances, and the identity of the killer, are a genuine surprise through some clever storytelling. Best of all, it's the perfect case with which to show Wu now being fully involved in the investigations, Wesen and all.

Meanwhile, Juliette continues to hide her Hexenbeistliness from Nick, causing no little awkwardness between them. This can only get more awkward, as she had confided in Sean of all people. Sean refers us to the mysterious Henrietta, of whom we know little for now. But it is Sean who gives us the cliffhanger; he dreams of being shot, but wakes up to some real blood...

Grimm is very good at the moment, but this is genuinely exceptional.

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