Friday, 24 April 2015

Grimm: Marechaussee

"Back to reality!"

Even by the standards of this arc-heavy season, this episode feels big and pivotal. It's the Wesen Council! They've sent someone to kill Nick! They've threatened Monroe and Rosalie with dire consequences if they don't stop helping Nick immediately! All this will have consequences. And it's all wrapped up in a story of the week that also serves to further integrate Wu into the world of the Wesen. It's a bloody good episode, with a bloody good ending: in a hostage situation, Juliette saves herself from the baddie by, er, killing him with Hexenbeistliness. And then not telling Nick.

Speaking of Juliette, she, and we, learn more of Henrietta, herself a Hexenbeist, but apparently not so big and bad a one as Juliette. And apparently Juluette is like this for good. Oh dear. 

Sean, meanwhile, warns Nick and Hank of visitors from Vienna, but is himself paying a private dick to chase after Kelly Burkhart. Nick, meanwhile, let's his mother know,and gets in return a photo of the baby, and she's being all telekinetic and that.

What an episode! Must be a mid-season break coming up then...

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