Sunday, 21 September 2014

Grimm: Volcanalis

"Do you have a lot of these books, by the way?"

Hmm. I think we have the end of our sustained run of quality here. This episode isn't all that bad, but this tale of volcanoes, geologists, park rangers and magma beast Wesen doesn't quite manage to, er, erupt.

Rather more interesting is Hank being forced on vacation, no doubt forced by off-screen reasons for the absence of a Russell Hornsby. This is a rather amusing scene, I must admit, although it doesn't exactly succeed in hiding the off-screen reasons for Hornsby's temporary disappearance.

Also more interesting is Juliette's visit to the shamanic lady from La Llorana. There is also Adalind's plot line, and the confirmation of the baby's royal blood. The arc bits are interesting in a way that the main plot simply isn't. It's nice to see them intersect, though, as Renard is finally introduced to the contents of Nick's trailer. 

A lacklustre episode, then, but quite a cliffhanger; Juliette seems to have her memories back!!!

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