Sunday, 21 September 2014

Grimm: Face Off

"Nick knows it's you!"

This time the quote is from Ferdinand Foch, the famous French WWI whose surname has to be pronounced very carefully if one's first language is English, and not a fairy tale at all. This episode is all about the arc, and Nick's confrontation of Renard.

This is the biggie. Much of the early part of the episode is drowning as dramatic irony as Nick treats Renard as normal, saying nothing, not knowing that the Captain has been rifling around in his trailer, looking for the key. Or, indeed, that Renard and Adalind have been having some rather kinky sex there. This looks rather more satisfying than the earlier fumble between Renard and Juliette, where she takes his gun, shoots around him and misfires, a rather obvious metaphor for bad sex.

Nick, Monroe and the gang quickly work out that Renard is the Royal in Portland, yet Sean expresses ambivalence towards Adalind regarding his family. 

While Monroe and Rosalie work on an antidote for the love spell affecting Juliette and Renard, we finally get a confrontation between the cuckolded Nick and his unwillingly priapic boss. This ultimately ends in an agreement to take the antidote, and one of the effects of this is one cliffhanger. Adalind's positive pregnancy test is the other...

It's all action, this one, and hence quite gripping with revelations and long-awaited resolution of subplots making a satisfying episode. We also learn that Renard is half Hexenbeist, and so partly detached from his family; it's hinted that he is ultimately going to remain a goodie. 

What has happened to Grimm? It's still visibly a network show, good but not great and certainly no Buffy, but all this arc stuff has improved it no end.

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