Sunday, 21 September 2014

Grimm: Natural Born Wesen

"If we can overcome our differences, you will make history."

So, apparently Wesen bars play Rammstein. Nice; they are possibly the best band I've ever seen live, at Download last year. But I suspect the band was chosen because, in TV Land, dodgy bars always have metal playing, and Rammstein are doubly suitable for a dodgy Wesen bar, being German and all.

We're back to a Grimm tale again, this time The Bremen Town Musicians, a sign that we're slightly dialling back from all the arc stuff. Still, the cure takes place, and Nick fills Hank (and the forgetful viewer) in on the key; there are six, and together they make up a 12th century treasure map. There's also some interestingly druggy stuff with Juliette, alone in the house, hallucinating about unending staircases and huge pits.

There's also a fascinating hatchet-burying chat between Nick and Renard. Renard learns that Hank knows about the Wesen stuff and they agree to work together. This looks very much like a reiteration of the status quo, something a greater show would try and avoid.

The main non-arc plot, though, concerns a bunch of Wesen who commit robberies with their beast faces visible, a big no no as it could taint other Wesen by association and, indeed, so much so that the Wesen Council are involved. Rosalie, it seems, has family connections to the Council, and gives them a call, with deadly consequences for the robbers. Is this an endorsement of vigilante justice...?

This is a very strong episode indeed, with a great central premise and some fresh feeling surreal stuff with Juliette. Grimm is getting better and better.

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