Saturday, 13 September 2014

Grimm: To Protect and Serve Man

"Do you like the taste of human flesh, Johnny?"

This is an episode that could only have been done shortly after Hank first learned about Wesen; he revisits an old case of his as it becomes increasingly clear that the man he banged up for it may not be the murderer he seems as Wesen were involved. And, worst of all but great for dramatic tension, the good state of Oregon has yet to join the civilised world in the matter of capital punishment, and the execution date is, by such a coincidence these things could almost be scripted, tomorrow.

Hackneyed though this story of the week may be, it's entertaining enough. Nice abolitionist subtext, too, with all the political pressure for the innocent man to hang- and, surely, the fact that the District Attorney is elected, and thus subject to crude hang 'em, flog 'em polpulism, is a blatant conflict of interest between the political and judicial spheres?

This week's Wesen is a Wendigo; another use of real Native American mythology. Apparently, Jeffrey Dahmer was one. A nice touch, I thought, was the visit to a prison in which most prisoners are Wesen; this is an interesting hint at racism in the criminal justice system in the context of the disproportionate amount of black Americans on Death Row.

Not much arc stuff until the end here, but what an ending; Monroes sees Renard and Juliette kissing...

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