Sunday, 21 September 2014

Grimm: Mr. Sandman

"The red worms may have actually done you some good!"

This one is apparently based on The Sand-Man by Ernst Hoffman. And yes, a certain dreary tune from the '50s makes it's tiresomely inevitable appearance.

This is another good one, though; a bereavement support group is infiltrated by an Aussie Wesen who feeds through blinding people with a red mist and killing them. Before the plot proper starts, though, we see a nice, cosy dinner party with Nick and Hank dining with Monroe and Rosalie, enjoying good conversation, good good, and good red wine- my kind of evening! These kinds of scenes make them all seem more likeable.

Soon Nick and Hank are called to the scene of the crime, and a traditional monster-of-the-week plot gets underway. It's almost nostalgic to get this sort of thing after the last few weeks.

There's some arc stuff- the aftermath of Juliette's hallucinations, Renard's continued guilt-ridden erotic dreaming about Juliette, speculation about which Royal brother is the father of Adalind's baby- but emphasis is on the story of the week, and it's no bad thing. All that stuff about worms burrowing in eyes is somewhat gross, but again that's no bad thing. Inevitably, Nick's sight is threatened for a while, giving him Daredevil type powers, which the lucky bastard retains even after he regains his sight. He's slowly amassing more and more superpowers...

We seem to be maintaining the high quality of recent episodes. I hope this lasts.

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