Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Grimm: Season of the Hexenbeist

"To be continued... sorry."

Oh my word. It's all kicking off. Nick finally learns all and seems all poised to have it out with Sean Renard in a confrontation that one could be forgiven for thinking would never happen. Not only that, though; there are Royals in town, and they're in contact with our old friend Adalind. Fortunately, Hank is now wise to her tricks. Just as fortunately, Juliette now seems to have actual character traits these days. I'm warming to her; Bitsie Tulloch does a good job with the material. I still have problems with David Giuntoli; he can act but he has no charisma. He's not much of a leading man.

Adalind tells Sean that he has 48 hours to get the MacGuff- er, key from Nick, which makes things a little bit hectic. Adalind is soon arrested, and in Renard's power, telling him of Nick's trailer. There's a wee bit of conflict going on, and finally a bit of honest talking between Nick and Juliette after all the recent pussyfooting around.

There's quite an ending, though, as Nick finally learns the identity of Juliette's lover...

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