Sunday, 21 September 2014

Grimm: Endangered

"You get your blues, your greys, and your reptilians from Andromeda."

This one'a quite sweet, really; a destitute young expectant couple, hunted for their metaphorical ivory, who are the last of their Wesen species. It's also one of the longest "Previously On"'s so far. It's a rather average episode, though, again overshadowed by the more interesting arc stuff, especially Juliette receiving a tour of her returning memories. I like the UFO nut though.

We get the exposition about the key again, via Monroe; it's one of seven, which will, when combined, show a 12th century treasure map for stuff nicked in the Sack of Constantinople in 1204. Monroe sees what it shows; part of the Black Forest in Swabia, close to the border with Alsace-Lorraine. And Renard speaks of one Grimm betraying the other six under torture, of the secret of alchemy, of everlasting life, a piece of the cross, Muhammad's sword...

Juliette's memories return, and with them her love for Nick, and guilt over how she has treated him. As the main plot resolves itself (meh) she is left wondering what to do now.

Recent episodes may have taken a dip, but the arc stuff remains compelling, and I'm excited about the season's final few episodes...

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