Monday, 25 March 2013

Grimm: Three Coins and a Fuchsbau

“Very large sausages!”

This one, for once, is based on a tale collected by the Brothers Grimm: a Norwegian tale called The Master Thief. It is also an arc heavy episode, though, concerning three mysterious coins which, One Ring style, give their wielder enormous desire to possess them. It is interesting that the Captain, jealously guarding the coins in his own possession, has a strange dream in which he stands on a balcony in front of adoring crowds like a fascist dictator. Interestingly, he goes on to make a speech which sounds suspiciously like the rhetoric of a dictator. The icing on the cake comes at the end as we see footage of Hitler, his oratory seemingly boosted by the three coins. Oh, and he’s a blutbad. If this is ever developed, it will be EPIC!

That isn’t the only awesome thing that happens, arc-wise, in this rather awesome episode. Nick comes across the former fiancé of his Aunt Marie as a suspect in his investigations. Awkward or what? This mysterious individual gives us a potted history of these coins, from Archaic Greece to the present day. The coins certainly have power over both Hank and the Captain, who both visibly tussle over possession at one point. The Captain retains possession of the coins, which can’t be good. He even has a very serious sounding telephone conversation about them. In French, no less.

 The coins end up in Nick’s possession, and this, I assure you, is the first time I’ve thought of him as being like the elderly Bilbo Baggins, except that he has three coins, not just ONE RING! I fear corruption may be around the corner. Or not. Bring on the next episode. I have no idea what is going on, but I’m enjoying the ride.

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