Monday, 4 March 2013

Grimm: Let Your Hair Down

“Weird vibes out here…”
Well, surprise surprise:  we get an episode based on Rapunzel. A feral little girl has been living, high above the ground, in that thick Oregon forest , with its tall, thin trees, that so strongly evokes the mythical forests of the Germany from which so many fairy tales originate, along with so much German folklore and legend- Arminius, the legions and all that. The cinematography (if a non-movie can be described with such a term) presents this primordial, huge forest in bright, fairytale colours. The forest is very much a major character on this show.
This week is also an example of a perennial complains of my girlfriends: credits keep appearing at the bottom of the screen when we’re ages into the bloody episode. It’s most distracting.
It’s an interesting Monroe episode, though. We see what an old fashioned chap he is; he REALLY does Christmas. That, I suppose, is also very German. He’s given an interesting stake in the goings-on here: Holly, this week’s human McGuffin, is a wild Blutbad who does things with her hair, and he gets a nice moral dilemma, drawing him more into the responsibilities he once withdrew from in his thickening friendship with Nick.
A gripe, though. Hank is a good detective. Shouldn’t he have noticed the supernatural goings-on by now, and that his good cop buddy has been acting oddly?

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