Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Grimm: Last Grimm Standing

“You got the wrong guy. I am not a fighter.”

It had to happen: at last Grimm does a story based on classical myth. Unfortunate, then, that it happens to be a myth that makes the episode look like one of many episodes of various series previously covered in this blog, including Torchwood and Angel, which concern people being forced to fight each other in underground gladiatorial contests. This is actually a little unfair, as the inspiration is quite different as shown, among other things, by the use of period gladiatorial weapons.

The plot is fairly standard, I suppose, but the main point of the episode is to develop the character of Monroe by giving him a spot of dire peril, while moving the arc plot forward a gear. Juliette accidentally discovers the engagement ring that Nick had bought. By the rules of television drama, this very scene makes it certain that the two of them are going to split up. The ending, with Nick being very late for their anniversary meal only underlines this certainty.

We get our juiciest titbit yet about our mysterious Captain. Not only is he ultimately in charge of those behind the fighting, but he seems to be some sort of royalty. What this means is not yet clear, but I’m sure it will be revealed. Something big is going to happen. He’s important in the supernatural hierarchy, he can have people killed, and yet he’s Nick’s and Hank’s superior. Surely he can’t sustain all of these roles at the same time for much longer.

This isn’t as good as the last episode, but is made fascinating by the arc stuff. Once again, I have to mention the eerie, fairytale properties of the Oregon forests especially as filmed here. 

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