Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dollhouse: Stage Fright

“I just wanna be free.”

See? I always knew those horrible X-Factor type shows were evil, along with the whole pop music industry (if we must use the phrase “pop music in its annoyingly restrictive modern context). Oh, and for any Americans watching, on behalf of my country I’d like to apologise unreservedly for Simon Cowell.

I’m not a huge fan of this sort of stuff, and I won’t pretend that an episode with this as its theme was ever likely to be enjoyable viewing for me. I liked the message, though:  the vapid and narcissistic Rayna, like all such pop stars, is not a free person. She lives in a gilded cage, paying for her fame and fortune with misery and forced jollity. That’s my idea of Hell. She may not be a very nice person, firing Echo for speaking truth to power, but that’s certainly understandable, and I wonder how much her death wish is shared amongst real life pop stars.

Arc-wise, stuff is more interesting. Agent Ballard is still looking for Caroline, Sierra gets modelled on an Australian fan of Rayna, thus allowing Dichen Lachman to use her native accent. And Echo is coming to be seen as a risk, a liability, to be sent to “the Attic”. Dewitt, though, is impressed with her, saying that she’s “the best”. Could she have an agenda…?

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