Monday, 11 March 2013

Angel: Guise Will Be Guise

“You’re deeply ambivalent.”

“I am, and I’m not.”

Oh goody. Jane Espenson finally writes an episode of Angel. I’d been looking forward to this. It’s interesting, though, that the tone is very different from her Buffy episodes. What humour there is here is good, but it’s much toned down as is appropriate for this more serious show, and largely centred on Wesley’s klutziness. This is interesting, of course, this being a Wesley episode and all, and one that further advances his slow journey from klutz to bad-ass.

Obviously, the conceit of Wesley having to pretend to be Angel for the whole episode, and filling the shoes pretty well, is a good one. It has the potential to have been trite, of curse, especially the bit about Wesley getting a shag under false pretences and then redeeming himself, but it avoids that in the execution through good character development and a knowing postmodernism. There are plenty of other knowing winks to the audience, too. From the “Swami” to Gunn’s “Walking real quick was the plan?” to the comment about Angel being “a eunuch”. I also loved the bit where we found out that our putative sacrificial virgin has, in fact, managed to knock up quite a sexual history.

This is about as light-hearted as Angel gets. Time for the season arc to get really, really serious, I suspect…

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