Thursday, 14 March 2013

Grimm: Game Ogre

“it’s like he just fell out of the sky…”

This time it’s the turn of Jack and the Beanstalk to be adapted, albeit loosely. This episode’s antagonist is an ogre, not a giant, and doesn’t live in the sky on the top of a beanstalk, but he’s big, hard to kill, and very, very, mean. Worst of all, he’s out for revenge against all those who had him sent to prison, particularly Hank.  Hank gets a bit of depth here; we learn that he falsified evidence to send a man to prison who was innocent, at least of this particular crime. This is corruption, however nasty the person put away may be. I hope this dark side to Hank (for that is unambiguously what it is) gets explored further.

Oh, and Hank finally gets to meet Monroe, he of the red wine and indefinable coolness. It’s clear he has definite suspicions that Nick and Monroe know each other more than either is letting on.

It looks as though the ending will have consequences for Monroe, too:  it’s him who shoots the baddie, and the mysterious and sinister Captain seems to be on his trail. It’s obvious that there will be consequences. At least Monroe gets to be the action hero for once, though.

The heart of the episode, though, is that the ogre is able to attack Nick in his own home, meaning it will never again feel like a sanctuary. Nick is not only hospitalised, he now feels that he is unable to protect Juliet from the consequences of his work. Life and work are no longer separate. What now for his personal life?

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