Wednesday, 31 August 2016


I thought I'd best let my adoring fans know that I won't be updating the blog as often as usual until September 22nd as I have a big exam on that day, and have a lot of intense revision to do on top of my usual husband and father stuff. Not only that, I even have to nip into the office a couple of times. I know. How awful. So bear with me if I don't update as much as usual for three weeks. Of course, that doesn't mean no updates at all!

This seems as good a time as any to explain what's coming up after True Blood finishes; one episode to go! Essentially the plan is to undertake a final push on Buffy and Angel to finally finish the Buffyverse after, er, five years. Obviously, there will still be films of an eclectic nature whenever I feel like it. And new episodes of Doctor Who, Class and Sherlock when they occur.

On top of that, I'll continue to slot in the last few episodes of Agent Carter whenever I can. Then there's Daredevil Season One to finish, and I intend to carry on with the Netflix Marvel stuff. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is unfortunately a casualty of my Sky Plus failing to record Episode Four, and my failing to spot this until after the repeat so I'll need to acquire a subtitled version somehow; the episodes you download from Sky are subtitle deficient, annoyingly. I'll get to that when I can.

So that's the current plan. I may slot in some other stuff on a whim should the mood strike me, of course. Any requests, comments etc?


  1. Amazon Video does Agents of SHIELD episodes, I believe with subtitles.

  2. I'm a Netflix man at the moment but I'll look into it- thanks:)