Friday, 5 August 2016

iZombie: Abra Cadaver

"And I very much have a penis."

This time the conceit is a locked room mystery where a stage magician is murdered by another stage magician. And (SPOILERS) the murderer is a female version of Teller, as in Penn and. Brilliant. This is surely the finest episode so far in terms of the central mystery. Woe betide any magician who betrays the secrets of the Magic Circle.

I love Ravi's attitude and his excitement at the sheer coolness of Liv having a magician brain. It's also a very morbid, goth brain, mind.

We also get an awkward moment between Ravi and Peyton- they're definitely just friends for the time being. And Clive is sleeping with Dale, the FBI lady. Not a lot of arc stuff this episode, then. But there's an awful lot of awesomeness.

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