Tuesday, 9 August 2016

iZombie: Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

"Think of something gross, like Margaret Thatcher."

Another good murder mystery here, centred around an erotic novel, a sexless marriage and puritanical snobbery. The murder mysteries are consistently good in iZombie. But we also get some interesting flirting between Liv and zombie Drake, plus loads more arc stuff.

I don't like Dale any more; she hates tea. What sort of person hates lovely, divine tea? She and Clive seem to be on Major's heels but he manages to escape their clutches... at the cost of having to give up poor Minor.

Blaine is still helping Peyton with taking down Mr Boss, and they're getting on well. Very well. Intimately well. Very appropriate for an episode all about sexual temptation. Liv resists the charms of Drake... just. Peyton (who likes a drink) doesn't. She ends the episode horrified to find out, from both Dale and Liv, what a monster Blaine is. This is a turning point.

A good episode, managing to link the arc stuff and murder mystery by theme and make neither seem rushed. That's good plotting.

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