Thursday, 4 August 2016

iZombie: Love & Basketball

"So far it looks like all our problems could be solved by condoms and rock salt..."

Another episode, another theme, another type of brain (basketball coach) and another solid and entertaining murder mystery made even more entertaining by basketball Clive's fanboy side. But we also have Liv and Major wanting to get back together; can it work? Is there a way they can have sex? Can they rekindle their relationship?

We also get cricket fan Ravi explaining to Americans what a nightwatchman is; points for that too. Meanwhile, Max Rager send Gilda to sneakily obtain some of Liv's blood for the development of Supermax. Supermax is clearly going to be both a Very Bad Thing and a big part of the season finale, I'm expecting.

Ravi obtains some boat party utopium, which is good, and spars with an unfriendly and vaguely racist pathologist from Tacoma; I suspect he will turn up in a later episode as an annoying obstacle. And Blaine sings The Cure's "Friday, I'm in Live". It may be a terrible pun in context but, for a baddie, Blaine has worryingly good musical taste. I'm reminded of David Cameron liking The Smiths. Alas, the utopium is destroyed, so no cure yet.

We end with Liv and Clive together again, seemingly, and the widowed Mrs Suzuki has something for Clive- a human brain kept in the fridge by her late husband...

The murder mystery, visual style characterisation and wit are as good as ever- I love the chapter titles. And now the season arc is ramping up. I'm loving iZombie. It really ought to be more widely seen.

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