Monday, 8 August 2016

iZombie: Method Head

"You know what would be fun? A zombie show where the zombie's the star!"

iZombie is back after the Christmas break, and this time the murder takes place on the set of Zombie High, a TV show. It's all a bit metatextual and the murder mystery side delivers well.

But there are all sorts of arc threads going on at full pelt. To start with, Ravi has to confirm to Liv and Major that there's no way they can have sex without him developing a sudden taste for brains. We're now very focused on the quest for that tainted utopium, now narrowed down to a mere 100 acres.

Liv is still in the doghouse with Clive, although that situation, predictably, doesn't survive the episode. They were never just going to drop the format like hat and iZombie, while not rigidly so and while very much running with multiple plot arcs, is nevertheless a very formulaic show deep down, and long may it remain. Unless, you know, they do something else cool.

Anyway, Liv on actor brain is cool. Major is having to tread an increasingly fine line with the delightfully villainous Vaughn Du Clark (an absurdly Frenglish surname, that), and Dale of the FBI is on Blaine's trail. iZombie just continues being brilliant.

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