Saturday, 23 February 2013

Grimm: The Three Bad Wolves

"The huff and puff days are over."

The Three Little Pigs, then. Naturally, the main pig is a police officer. What scriptwriter could resist that? We have wolves, pigs, a wooden house that gets set on fire. This episode's main gimmick, though, is a reversal of roles; a big bad pig is after the three Bludbaden.

This is an interesting perspective on the character of Monroe. Quirky though he is, he's a bachelor of very regular habits and rather highbrow. Other Bludbaden seem to be rather more bohemian and rock 'n' roll, unless I'm reading too much into things. I wonder if this is going to be developed? He also gets a bit of semi-metaphorical wild, kinky sex which, it's made clear, is very much the sort of thing he used to do in his bad old days but definitely doesn't do any more. At this point I really, really want to see an episode which digs deep into his background.

Arc-wise, aside from Monroe, there isn't a lot to grab hold of this week. Strong episode, though.

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