Saturday, 16 February 2013

Grimm: Bears Will Be Bears

"The only stains we've come across are wine and whoopee..."

This episode is based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, obviously, and the thought occurs to me: surely there are only so many Grimm's fairy tales, and just a handful of well-known ones? How will they avoid running out soon? It'll be interesting to follow this line of thought as the series goes on, methinks.

This episode is relatively meh; the couple's three teenage biker bear sons remind me of the wolf pack from Twilight: New Moon, especially with the Native American angle, and that's not a film I'm fond of. This is also the point where I'm beginning to notice the suspiciously large amount of product placement that there is for Apple stuff; the place seems to be drowning in iPods and iPhones.

The CGI bears are... interesting. The special effects in Grimm are nicely restrained and budget-friendly, though, with people's faces only briefly shown with CGI so we get the message about what they are, but that's it.

The backstory is interesting, though: Aunt Marie dies in only the second one. Our Luke Skywalker seems to have lost his Obi-Wan. And things are afoot: the police captain (American police ranks are so very military!) is plotting with the nasty woman from last episode. Two episodes in and we already have an arc.

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