Saturday, 16 February 2013

Grimm: Lonelyhearts

"I don't wanna go home now!"

Interesting: this story is based on Bluebeard, which is by Charles Perrault, not Jacob Grimm. If they can do this sort of thing then the series has more legs than I thought it might. Also, the fact that this episode has roots in French folklore rather than German sort of widens the scope a bit.

Anyway, this episode looks good, with a damn good CGI beastie early on and a very colourful garden which highlights the brightly coloured fairytale aesthetic of this series. Also, the villain eats toads, which is well cool. He's a creepy, rapey bastard though.

Nick continues to be a dull character, but Monroe not only continues to be cool but is also acquiring more depth; he plays the violin, no less. His relationship with Nick, and its boundaries, is developing nicely, although the actors don't yet have any real chemistry with one another.

We get more clues about the Captain, he of the bad suits and mysterious doings: he seems to be some kind of supernatural Yakuza boss. I rather like the balance we're getting between story of the week and arc stuff.

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