Saturday, 16 February 2013

Grimm: Danse Macabre

"Guess they're going to face the music."

"You went there!"

I really liked this one. A hardcore techno DJ as the pied piper: what's not to love? We get a potent mix of gabber, glow sticks and whatnot mixed with scenes of grinding poverty and some nice social commentary on the bleak life chances of those born into it. Social inequality is an insidious and terrible thing. It's the first time we get something like this with Grimm, and I appreciate it. It's appropriate, too; the original story has hints of squalor (the rats) alongside apparent glamour. But the glamour that Roddy enjoys as Wretched Cat is a transient thing, happening in underground, one-off raves. There's a marked contrast with the world of privilege and elite culture evoked by the violin lessons; Roddy gets a glimpse of another world but his expulsion confirms his social exclusion.

This one is much more story-of-the-week: there's not an awful lot of arc stuff going on, aside from our mysterious lady's seduction of Hank! But it's gripping, socially aware and well constructed plot-wise. This is my favourite episode so far by some distance.

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