Saturday, 16 February 2013

Grimm: Beeware

"Don't you dare say 'heel'!"

This one's much better. I notice, though, that we've already got ourselves an episode based on a fairly obscure Grimm's fairy tale (The Queen Bee) on only the third episode. They need to ration the well-known ones, I suppose.

I like the concept of the episode, with the killer using a flashmob to remain anonymous. It's surprising to see Nana Visitor, too, looking not only much older than she did back in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine but also much older than she did in Torchwood: Miracle Day. It's a much better written episode, with a gripping plot and the nice twist that the murderer is a goodie and on Nick's side. We also get a closer look at that mysterious woman (my lovely girlfriend has compared her to Darla off of Angel) who is in league with Captain Renard.

I think perhaps a format is beginning to evolve: a mystery of the week with developing plot arc. I'm still a little concerned by David Giuntoli's lack of charisma as a lead, but the series is looking promising.

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