Thursday, 18 June 2015

Grimm: You Don't Know Jack

"It's not that easy being pregnant, cutting up your mom, and waiting for someone to kill you!"

Looks as though the season is going to conclude with a loose three parter, as an intriguing story about Jack the Ripper still being alive and his victims being Wesen (Is he a Grimm? Or is that misdirection?) is mixed up with loads of juicy arc stuff and heavy hints that both Kelly Burkhart and Trubel are going to be turning up soon. It's also an episode in which Jiloette and Adalind seem to complete an almost total switching of their respective roles, with Juliette hobnobbing with Ken while Adalind appears more and more like one of the gang, carefully protected by Nick. He is the father of her child, not Juliette's.

But we begin with the charred remains of Nick's trailer, and an attempt to salvage as much as possible of the books and heirlooms amassed by his family over generations. It's a downbeat beginning to an episode in which so many things seem to be going wrong. Juliette lures Kelly into an obvious trap set by Kenneth. The potion so carefully prepared by Rosalie, and for which Adalind has sacrificed so much- desecrating her mother' corpse and giving up her Hexenbeist abilities in an Exorcist-type spectacle- is contemptuously smashed into pieces by Juliette. Oh, and Henrietta is shockingly murderec by our mysterious Jack the Ripper figure.

Who is Jack? Research establishes that he is old, some ninety years older even than 1888, and that his removal of his Wesen victims' organs is for some mysterious purpose. We finish the episode not knowing, but... Sean's bleeding episodes are accompanied by memory loss, and his waking from his slumbers from some kind of body of water. Could it be...?

Oh, and we leave with Juliette seemingly about to make Nick shoot one of his mates. 

I'm calling it: with this season Grimm has ascended from a quite good but ordinary show into something great. What now?

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