Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Grimm: Hibernaculum

"Sort of like an animal heat orgy!"

Wow. A car chase on Grimm. A pretty damn good one too, and a strong opening to yet another in a run of very strong episodes. This one, though, is better directed than most.

We also very definitely establish Nick as alone, and lonely, in a house without Juliette, while Juliette herself is with, of all people, Sean. But it's not long before we get to a story of the week: this episode's Wesen are snake people who seasonally require human warmth, invariably fatal for the human in question, if they fail to arrive for hibernation at an, er, hibernaculum. Again, the dilemma here is that these Wesen are dangerous but most of them have committed no crime.

A nice character touch sees Monroe, a watchmaker, suffering from shaking hands after his ordeal at the clutches of the Wesenrein; as a character he's arguably been mildly neglected lately so this is good to see. He and Rosalie receive a shocking and somewhat revelatory visit from Juliette, but this results in her vowing revenge on the pair of them, seemingly unable to help her, on top of Nick and Hank. Which is nice. Juliette seems so well these days.

The mildly comical ending can't hide the more somber tone of the arc plot here. Things are getting very dark, and that's how I like my Grimm. More please.

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