Thursday, 4 June 2015

Grimm: Heartbreaker

"It happened!"

A tragic fairytale, this; a beautiful girl who can never know love because, if a bloke fancies her, he dies. Horribly. And so on through generations of guilt. No wonder there's a tradition of mothers deliberately mutilating their daughters' faces for this race if Wesen. Poor Bella. The climax means she isn't brutally mutilated by her mother, but she's cured, and mutilated anyway. Still, at least we end with the hope that she may find love. And it's nice that Nick and Hank conclude she has committed no crime. Once again it's an affecting story of the week, with much pathos, but not too much incident so as to overshadow the arc plot. And there's a nice thematic parallel in the unintended side effects of magic potions for both Bella and Juliette.

Speaking of Juliette, she's not in a good mood. The spell book seems to show nothing to help either herself or Sean, and she's heartily sick of all things Wesen. Sean has his own problems, of course, with those bloody dreams, and now his private eye friend tells him that Viktor has been returned to Vienna. 

Instead of Viktor we meet the young, driven, ruthless and annoying Kenbeth, who seems to miss nothing, certainly not the obvious fact that Adalind is preggers again. Clever boy. Even cleverer, and to establish his dastardliness, he kills the private eye in the course of setting a trap for Sean but then proceeds to do little more than gloat at Sean, beat him up, and let him go. Definitely a job application for the position of moustache-twirler-in-chief. 

Not sure about Kenneth, but this season provides us with yet another quality episode.

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