Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Grimm: Iron Hans

"So will you be a pawn, or will you be a queen?"

This time the story of the week isn't quite as high quality as we've recently come to expect, but it is solid nonetheless; a camping night for teenagers coming to terms with their inner hunter is singularly appropriate for Wesen who are integrated into civilised society, resonant with themes, and well-suited for some character development for Monroe, hinting at possible past killings. We will probably hear more about this.

The killer is a nice twist, though, and Jeff Fahey is a rather huge guest star. But, again, this all essentially plays second fiddle to the arc stuff, where Prince Kenneth (again, an oddly Scottish Christian name for Central European royalty) informs Adalind that not only does he know of Juliette's situation, but smells an opportunity. Where an extraordinary well-directed sequence sees Juliette's "remember" clips of herself and Adalind. Where Adalind informs Sean that the child she is carrying is Nick's.

Of clear plot significance is Rosalie agreeing to help find a cure for Juliette and protect Adalind. But the real biggie is Adalind asking Nock, father of the child in her belly, to be her "hero" and protect her. From Juliette. Oh, how the roles are reversed.

We end with Kenneth outing to get Kelly and, shockingly, Juliette setting Nick's motorhome cum library on fire. Things are heating up. Oh yes. This promises to be a dramatic last few episodes. 

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