Friday, 1 April 2016

Grimm: Star-Crossed

"These people are insane!"

This time the story of the week is a disgusting and apparently ancient Wesen ritual involving crucifixion, linked to Occultam Libera and all that, for the purposes of making it rain. It's all a bit by-the-numbers, based in a very Wikipedia view of history and the ending is rushed but it's entertaining enough, I suppose. Disturbingly, the mention of the Greek origins of the "Order of the Golden Dawn" reminds me of today's Greek Nazis.

In arc news HW continue to put pressure on Nick and the gang, while Sean is revealed to be sleeping with Andrew Dixon's campaign manager. And the bloke who's been writing to Rosalee- Tony- rings get this time before getting rebuffed. He'll be back.

Otherwise there's not a lot to say about this episode, filler that it is. It's obvious that big things are poised to happen, but not yet. I couldn't stop noticing, though, that the episode features a highly dangerous demagogue called Donald...

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