Saturday, 2 April 2016

Grimm: Map of the Seven Knights

"You killed my uncle. You shouldn't have done that."

Yay for badass Monroe!

This is an exciting and pivotal episode, albeit a pivotal one. Monroe's previously unmentioned uncle, an antiquarian books expert in Leipzig, comes across a load of Grimm books which could entirely replace the contents of Nick's burned-to-oblivion trailer and wants $100,000 for them, but is killed by Occultam Libera before this can happen and thus the priceless artifacts are acquired by the gang. Amongst them is a third of the seven keys to the map, enough for Monroe to work out roughly where X seems to mark the spot. Everybody's off to the Black Forest...

There is character stuff, of course. We begin with the gang all seeing Nick's and Adalind's new fortress home for the first time, and Nick confesses to Monroe his complex feelings towards her.

In other news, Eve's awesomeness continues to be gradually revealed- what's this new levitating power? And her interrogations are.. nasty. Sean shows a similarly dark side as he and his lover persuade their Portland mayoral candidate, Andrew Dixon, to use dirty tricks against his opponent.

It's an exciting episode, though because of the big revelations rather than any inherent brilliance: the beats are predictable. There are also some historical howlers surrounding the 1204 Siefe of Constantinopke and, according to an HW computer screen, there is apparently still a country called "Czechoslovakia". Still, none of that detracts from the general awesomeness.

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