Thursday, 31 March 2016

Grimm: A Reptile Dysfunction

"You still think you're talking to Juliette?"

The story of the week here is solid: a Loch Ness style tourist attraction hires a Wesen to be a real life monster and it all goes horribly wrong- although that bloke who stupidly took a gun while boating on a lake gets no sympathy from me. On this level it's a good episode. But there's far more going on than that. 

The gang now all know about HW, about Eve, that Trubel works for HW, so what to do? All agree, as Rosalee suggests, that they should all decide together. But that's all: Rosalie continues to ignore letters from her past that are clearly leading up to something, and all sorts of current events in places like Syria and Pakistan are actually just caused by Wesen, just like Nazi Germany. Hmm. Not sure I like this: it pushes a dangerous apoliticalism. Current affairs are complicated and we should resist simple explanations, even in fiction.

Still, it's a gripping storyline. And Eve is awesome. Both the arc stuff and the story impress, with subtle references to both Jaws and The Creature from the  Black Lagoon. Yet another extra-judicial ending, though...

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