Saturday, 2 May 2015

Grimm: Trial By Fire

"So the fire had a mind of its own?"

The strong run of stories-of-the-week continues, this time with an arson murder mystery involving a Wesen Human Torch. This time there's a twist, though: bent Bauerschwein cop Orson from way back in Season One is given leave from prison in order to help, leading, of course, to the inevitable confrontation with Monroe. This serves both to highlight the Blutbad/Bauerschwein feud and to contrast Moneoe's feelings towards Orson with the inter-racial harmony shown by his relationship with Rosalie. After a bit of dramatically expected friction between the two of them their relationship is underlined, as well as their mutual commitment to inter-Wesen tolerance. This is clearly not a theme that has run its course.

Elsewhere, Sean receives reports from a private eye regarding Kelly Burkhart's whereabouts, but Prince Viltor is using the same private eye. Meanwhile, Wu is still loving being part of the Wesen stuff- I'm still sure it won't end well for him- and there's quite an ending, just to remind us that we're just before the mid-season break: Adalind,not having an inkling either that Nick is a Grimm again or that Juliwtte is a) a Hexenbeist and b) well hard. There is a lot of property damage in the ensuing fight, following which Adalind runs away with her tail between her legs.

This time it can't be explained away. Juliette has to tell Nick and that's where, of course, it ends. It's a big cliffhanger but, it must be said, not so big compared to earlier seasons. Still, good episode.

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