Monday, 18 May 2015

Grimm: Bad Luck

"You learned to understand me. Now I have to learn to understand you."

We're back after the season break, although we in the UK, following Grimm on Watch, have just carried straight on. This episode is all about the aftermath of Nick finding out that Juliette is now, permanently, a Hexenbeist. He's supportive, yes, but that isn't quite enough for Juliette; he won't kiss her in Hexenbeist form, which she seems to insist on. As Hexenbeist faces are generally quite revolting this seems quite harsh of her, but this is probably a metaphor for something. Nevertheless, their relationship is suddenly strained. It certainly doesn't help that the first person she turned to for help was not Nick but Sean.

Interestingly, Nick hears from Henrietta herself that the transformation is permanent and that Juliette is not only formidably powerful but that this power is sexual in nature. Attempts at monogamy, it seems, will be futile. 

In parallel with all this we have a rather good story-of-the-week about a type of rabbit Wesen(!) which is hunted for its foot, apparently a good luck charm meant to induce fertility. There's an obvious metaphor here about the similar use of rhino horns and such forth, and more broadly about animal rights and endangered species, and human beings being dicks. Oh, and it's interesting that the baddie is a Welshman. This episode may not be one of the best but it's good nonetheless, and the season arc continues to enthrall.

In other news, Adalind has a clandestine meeting with Sean to discuss their baby.she wants him on her side. He won't bite, but I wonder about what is in store for his allegiances, especially as he's been hiring a private eye to follow Kelly Burkhart.

We end with a much bigger reveal than last time- Adalind is pregnant again. And the baby can only be Nick's!

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