Monday, 9 February 2015

Angel: Fredless

"You haven't run far enough!"

There's nothing like a good bit of misdirection. This episode pretty much consists of spending a lot of time making Fred's parents look like sinister, intolerant, nasty and authoritarian hicks with the twist being that they're actually quite nice. It's an old trick, but it's very well done here. Sometimes the old tricks work well; this episode is both a triumph of structure and the most enjoyable of the season so far.

We also see a significant retooling of Fred; having accepted her past, she is now able to start assuming an active role as part of Angel Investigations, what with the plot setting her up to save the day. Even better, her parents turn out to be rather good fun once we're no longer supposed to be suspicious of them.

All that, and we get Cordy and Wes doing an impression of Buffy and Angel. This is the most fun episode for a while, which probably means a little darkness will be along soon...

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