Monday, 14 April 2014

Sugar Rush: Season Two, Episode 3

"You're probably going to need some lube...!"

So, Kim is now in a relationship with Saint, who is the purveyor of a sex shop. Like many lesbians, she is kinky, and floggers and other toys abound. But Kim has it wrong; she's a little anxious about how she, a sexual novice, can satisfy someone who runs a sex shop, but the deeper truth is both simple and beautiful: Saint is a sensitive soul who likes snuggles.

Sugar, meanwhile, has very nearly finished doing her porridge. Awkwardly, she has nowhere else to live and wants to stay with Kim. I foresee difficulties here. Meanwhile, an ex of Saint's enters the scene. A male ex. Does this mean she "misses cock"? There are harsh words, but Saint gets her revenge on Kim. With a crop. While she's tied to a chair with handcuffs.

The inevitable ending happens on schedule as Kim finds Sugar waiting inside the place she shares with Saint...

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