Friday, 11 April 2014

Sugar Rush, Season One, Episode 4

"Just when you think life can't get any worse, you're a virgin with a sexually transmitted disease."

The tension finally snaps, in a delightfully and relievingly farcical way, as Stella infects the entire family with crabs and is forced to confess all to Nathan. This is a massive event and a turning point in the season, shattering the status quo in all sorts of ways. Yet Kim, of course, retains the preoccupations of a teenage girl throughout it all. And there are more dream sequences.

It's a fairly Sugar-lite episode, for understandable reasons, but we end with Sugar, erm, doing Kim's bits for crabs. It's not hard to see a bit of sapphic sexual tension here.

Four episodes on and the series continues to astound with script, performances and directorial style. It's superb.

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