Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Repairs

"I don't mean to scare you. I just mean to use you as bait."

This is already categorisable as a particular type of episode; the kind in which our heroes deal with an unregistered and frightened superpowered individual, in this case an apparent telekinetic called Hannah Hitchins. It's all very reminiscent of Mike Peterson in the pilot except that, obviously, there's a twist.

A rather bigger twist than the one in the actual plot, of course, is the revelation that May and Ward are secretly sleeping with one another; this seems to firmly put the kibosh on my fiancee's theory that a budding romance between Ward and Skye is under way, although of course this could just be another stepping stone along that path, right

Let's just ignore the silly prank sub-plot, because it is both the wrong kind of silly and absurdly out of character for Fitz and Simmons. Instead let us focus on Utah native Hannah, whose power seems to be that of jinxing all of her associates to an early grave, complete with all the personal unpopularity and religious angst (this is Utah) that this implies. the twist, of course, is that it's not Hannah who's doing all this, but some bloke trapped in "Hell". Simmons' explanation of what this may be gives us yet another gratuitous link to current Marvel blockbuster Thor: The Dark World. Sigh.

This episode also deals with why May is called "The Cavalry2, which is eventually revealed to be linked to a massive cock-up of hers in which loads of agents dies, hence her reluctance to engage in combat until recently. At last: a bit of backstory. Here's hoping the character will now start to become at least vaguely interesting...

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