Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Grimm: Quill

"Oh my God. Hank knows!"

Like the last episode, this episode ostensibly has a plot and everything. But essentially it's about a) Monroe coming to terms with the fact that Hank now knows about all the supernatural stuff and b) Monroe saving Rosalie's life and thus winning her heart. Aw! Plus, we get to see Monroe in a pinny.

The plot itself, which I suppose we also have to talk about a bit, concerns a nasty Wesen disease, and is based (somewhat tangentially) on a Grimm fairy tale called Death's Messengers. it's a bit basic, but it's a nice simple backstory for Rosalie's sickness and recovery at the hands of her doting Monroe and, of course, for Hank to experience his first full case where he knows what's happening from the outset, and gets a full introduction to Nick's life as a Grimm.

Juliette, meanwhile, is beginning to recover certain fragmented memories. And Monroe, before the disease stuff puts him on a stronger footing with her, rather awkwardly asks her out for a picnic in the old, fairytale, Oregon forest in  a nicely shot scene, just before it all kicks off. Still, they give every sign of being a sweet couple, and, eventually... they kiss! yay! In fact, they very nearly have a shag until they are interrupted, in classic TV fashion, by a phone call from Nick. Still, later in the episode Rosalie says to Monroe that "You need to tie me down"...

Meanwhile, in more long-term plotting, Captain Renard speaks on the phone, and we know he must be up to no good because he's speaking French. A "Nuckelavee" is to come to Portland from Rome. this is apparently bad news and, as the episode ends, there it is...

But never mind that. I want to see more Monroe and Rosalie!

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