Thursday, 5 March 2015

Grimm: Cry Luison

"You need to be a Grimm again!"

The strong run of recent episodes continues as we get a rather clever crime story, a fraud involving a set of quadruplets, that could be only slightly rewritten not to involve Wesen at all. It's a clever, satisfying plot. No doubt there's some interesting Brazilian cultural allusions I'm not getting, but the stories of the week this season certainly seem to be a cut above what they were.

A lot of season arc stuff happens too, of course. A lot of delightfully trippy stuff happens to Adalind, evoking Alice in Wonderland, until we learn that she never escaped her cell at all. Victor, however, wants to speak to her. He's still sporting that facial hair.

Also, Elizabeth has bought Sean a very, very posh house indeed. Mother and son are getting along rather sweetly, much as neither of them are particularly demonstrative people, to the point that Sean feels abject tell his mum that Nick's mother has her grandchild. I'm sure that she will make use of this information at some point.

In another subplot, Josh the not-Grimm is in trouble, but the details can wait until another episode. Apparently they're after that I famous key, now held by Nick, which promises to be fun.

We end with a cliffhanger, though, as the Wesen Ku Klux Klan leave a burning cross on Monroe's and Rosalie's lawn...

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