Saturday, 22 March 2014

Grimm: Over My Dead Body

"Can you do it again?"

For once there is no murder of the week; this episode is pleasingly unformulaic and delightfully arc-heavy. Yes, it's based on a Grimm tale (The Three Snake Leaves), bit it's all about the arc stuff. For this precise reason it's one of the finer episodes. Well, that and the fact that we get to see some quality between Monroe and Hank, the two best characters, as Monroe shows Hank the two ways he turns into a Blutbad. These two characters are still far more interesting than Nick.

Angelina dies here, but not without being the centre of a target tragic tale where, just because she defends herself against a man who tries to tape her, she ends up forced to kill Monroe or die. Being that she makes the decision not to murder him, she ends up violently dead. This is very unfair, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the story's treatment of male sexual violence against women.

Still, it's a very good Monroe episode, like all the good ones; I love the scenes in which he has to stop Nick and Angelina from physically attacking each other.

The attempt to kill Monroe, it seems, is because he hangs around with "the Grimm", and was possibly ordered by "a royal", meaning, we viewers know, that recently arrived British woman who has been hanging around with Renard.

More interesting than the main plot, perhaps, are the two dates early in the episode; Juliette, remembering nothing, is still trying to connect with Nick, there is awkwardness, but there's a kiss. With Monroe and Rosalie there is an easy connection, but their kiss is frustrated by Angelina's rude interruption.

Still, there may be loads of arc stuff, but where is it all leading...?

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