Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ice Princess (2005)

"No, Mom. I'm giving up your dream. I'm going after mine."

Bit of a risk, this one: not the sort of film I'd normally watch by any means, but it's an old fave of my fiancee's, and I'm curious about my reaction to a film in a genre with which I'm unfamiliar. Also, it has Michelle Trachtenberg in it, and Joan Cusack, and that Hayden Panettiere off of Heroes.

So, what do I think? Well, it may start with the most horrible opening music imaginable, but it's a well made if formulaic film about a girl whose own dreams conflict with those her pushy mother has for her. Mother and daughter fall out and then reconcile at the end. It's much better than it sounds, with some interesting musings on feminism, with Casey's mother wanting her to not be trapped by gender roles in her career choices while her daughter's dreams of being an ice skater fit more into the traditional female gender role; this conflict between a feminist ideal and the imperfections of reality is a very fertile theme.

The standout performance is from Joan Cusack as the mother. Kim Cattrall is excellent, as too is the young Hayden Panettiere. Trachtenberg is a bloody good actress, as we knew, but unfortunately I'm not sure she has the presence or charisma for a leading role.

Still, I was impressed. There's no denying this film breaks no moulds with its formulaic plot, but the execution is very well done.

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