Friday, 10 February 2012

Quick Post on Future Plans...

So, there's the second season of Buffy finished. I'm going to continue with Buffy (and Angel, when I get there) until the end, except for films on Saturdays, if I'm in- although none of that's set in stone, it depends on my work and social life, and new episodes of Doctor Who in the Autumn will temporarily replace the films.

Still... I should have the Buffyverse finished in not much more than a year. I'm going to learn the learn the lessons from marathoning Doctor Who, though, and slightly vary my diet. So at the end of every 22-episode series of Buffy (and especially after every 44-episode double season of Buffy and Angel), I'm going to watch one or two very short series of something else for variety. So, Borgen starts imminently. I also have The Singing Detective and Rubicon in the pipeline, probably after the next season of Buffy. I'm willing to consider any requests, too!

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